CHEN CHIEN offers comprehensive services in the field of “Audit”, “Taxation”, “Enterprise Registration”, “Business Process” and “Non-Profit Organization”. We are aiming to be the “turn-key solution” provider so our clients can focus most energy in business. Our services will bring you a happy experience while doing business in Taiwan.

Audit Services

  1. 1Financial Statement Audit/Review
  2. 2Special Purpose Audit
  3. 3Agreed Upon Procedures
  4. 4M&A Due Diligence
  5. 5Corporate Income Tax Return Certification
  6. 6Value-Added Tax Return Certification
  7. 7Accounting/Audit Integrated Consultation

Taxation Services

  1. 1Individual, Family Wealth and Corporate Integrated Tax Planning
  2. 2Outbound Investment Planning/Consultation
  3. 3Inbound Investment Planning/Consultation
  4. 4Income Tax Exemption/Reduced Withholding Tax Rate Application
  5. 5Income Tax Treaty Application
  6. 6Transfer Pricing Planning/Consultation/Compliance
  7. 7FINI/FIDI Tax Agent
  8. 8Special Consultation/Negotiation Service

Enterprise Registration Services

  1. 1Corporate/Branch Office Registration
  2. 2Representative Office Establishment
  3. 3Business Tax Registration
  4. 4Offshore Company Registration
  5. 5Work Permit/Alien Residence Card Application Consultation
  6. 6Corporate Law Consultation

Business Process Services

    Accounting Services
  1. 1Bookkeeping
  2. 2Balance Sheet and Income Statement Preparation
  3. 3Accounts Breakdown Preparation
  4. 4Taiwan GAAP and Accounting Law Consultation


    Payroll Services
  1. 1Enroll/Withdraw from Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance and Labor Pension
  2. 2Net Salary Payment Calculation
  3. 3Payroll Statement Preparation
  4. 4Salary Withholding Tax Calculation
  5. 5Withholding Tax Statements Preparation
  6. 6Salary Payment Service
  7. 7Labor Law Consultation


    Tax Compliance Services
  1. 1Value-Added Tax (Sales Tax) Return Compilation
  2. 2Provisional Income Tax statement Preparation
  3. 3Corporate Income Tax Return Compilation
  4. 4Dissolution and Liquidation Tax Return Compilation
  5. 5Withholding Tax Statement Preparation
  6. 6General Tax Consultation

Non-Profit Organization Services

  1. 1NPO(including Foundation and Civil Association) Registration
  2. 2NPO operations:Planning and Development
  3. 3NPO Property Planning
  4. 4Financial Statements Audit
  5. 5NPO Income Tex Return Certification
  6. 6Accounting, Audit, and Tax Consultation